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Welcome to Windchime, a website made and owned by
もちづきはじめ (Mochizuki Hajime) since 2023!

Why Windchime? Wind chimes are cute, symbolize happiness,
good health and good luck. They make cute noises, and remind
me of blissful summers!

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Latest Update, published 3/31/2023 」
Whoops, I'm totally absentminded. I didn't even realize that I removed an entire section on my links... Oh well, I added them back!

My templates page and coding guide is now up. The templates page is for free-to-use bases and codes. The coding guide walks you through how to make templates from the ground up.
Right now, I only have one template up, and the guide shows you how to make it if you prefer to do it that way. I tried to make them as helpful and simple as possible.

In the future, I plan to release this and a few other templates and guides as a part of "pack", but they exist on the website now so you can view and use them regardless.

But keep in mind, I'm by no means an expert on coding, I just want to help others and share the knowledge that I have.

Check them out! If you have any issues or questions, feel free to contact me, I'm happy to help.

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