Windchime Webmaster♪ 』
Welcome to my website!

My name is Prince Mochizuki Hajime (もちづきはじめ), but I also have been known as France La'Lune and Emoticon Equinox.

I'm an 18 year old male (he). I'm French, Japanese, and Brazilian.* I was born October 3rd, 2004.

A looping gif of Ahiru from Princess Tutu running through a foggy street, her hands are clasped and she's smiling
I've been coding since 2020. I love how creative, fun and expressive websites used to be in the old web, and I think what I create deeply reflects that fact.

I'm learning 3 other languages, which include French, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese. You will notice that some parts of the site contain Japanese! I would like to learn some more languages in the future.

I'm not an actual prince in real life, but I think of myself as suited to be one! I want to love everyone, and to be loved by everyone, too. That's why I love being Prince Hajime.

『 ☆My Interests☆ 』
You'll find my website will be be aesthetically focused on whatever thing I'm most interested in! Right now, my biggest interest is Princess Tutu. I like old things,
typically from the 80s to late 00s. I don't have a lot of interests in media, especially nothing new. I have ADHD, and even though it's complicated and makes my brain work extra specially, I've learned to be happy with it and not embarrassed about it.

I like creating graphics, storytelling, weather, web design, web surfing, and old technology. My favorite motifs are clovers, snowflakes, music notes, the moon and stars, bells, ribbons, lace, jewels, and windchime / fuurin.

Thanks for visiting Windchime and taking interest in me! Please enjoy the fruits of my labor!