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はじめまして、 welcome to Windchime, a website owned by もちづきはじめ (Mochizuki Hajime)!

What is Windchime? I hope to diligently archive my content, knowledge and creations on Windchime. I'm hoping it'll be a bit of a look into my life and mind, and can be useful and enjoyable for others, too.

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Pink gingham advert banner which reads: Windchime, a website by Mochizuki Hajime. It changes to then say: Windchime... Hosted on, もちづきはじめ
A small cat laying next to a blue and gray fan Why Windchime? Wind chimes are cute, symbolize happiness, good health
and good luck. They make cute noises, come in many designs, and remind me of summer breezes!

Navigate around the site using the lefthand box. Some links may not be up yet, but I am hard at work to get them all finished!

Website news ★ 4/5/2023 』
Okay, I actually have a lot to cover here...

I had a week long break, and used the time to rebuild Windchime... again! The changes were mostly maintenance to make the site easier for me to manage and update, but there's some layout and design changes, too.

Windchime is now using an iframe for its sidebar links. It will also likely use iframes for other parts of the site in the future. This will make it easier to update the website as a whole! They look okay to me, but let me know if you think they look strange.

I have also tried to make the website more accessible to screenreaders, as someone suggested in my guestbook! I hope it works okay. Please do let me know if there are any more accessibility / visibility issues.

Ahiru from Princess Tutu as a duck. She's in a pond, and her head is turn to look at the viewer.
In other news, I have added the Old Layouts page. It will be used to archive the old looks of Windchime. It'll be updated whenever there is a major revision of the site. I'm working on other new pages too. Along with that, I will probably roll out some changes to existing pages that make them easier to edit in the future as well. I want the website to keep its uniform look, but some pages may be altered from it both for your viewing and my editing.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good about all these changes and the direction and future of Windchime...

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