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Windchime Links♪
Welcome to Windchime. Navigate the site using the lefthand box, or clicking my advert banners anywhere on the page!

Windchime is used to demonstrate my coding skills, archive web graphic
creation, express myself in written word and design, and share things. I also aim to create codes and deco for everyone.

If you repost any graphics or take screenshots of my website, please link back to it. I appreciate it.
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Update Log♪
What's New?
3/19/23☆ Organized Windchime's links a bit. Most of them don't work yet, but I'm working on these pages right now:
  • Shrine directory
  • 2 shrines
  • Resources
  • Coding guide
  • Blog / diary
Organized by priority. I've also been thinking of a different approach to Windchime's layout. I'm thinking of this update section being the majority of the content on the splash page. But I have a lot to say about Windchime and myself. Maybe I will make an info page for both me and the website, seperate or together, I'm not sure.