『 About Windchime♪ 』
What's Windchime? Windchime is my personal website project that will be used to archive my graphics and art, share information, knowledge and resources with others, and as a place to express myself in both written word and graphic design.

I love to code, and just want to have a place that both reflects myself, my work and my interests. But in that, I also want to create something that other people can enjoy and find useful.

My original website was Shenanigans, which is still up if you want to go view it. I left it up because I didn't hate it, but I wanted a fresh start to try and make a website that had my interests more in mind.

I exclusively use filters on my devices due to vision sensitivity so please contact me if any part of Windchime is inaccessiable in regards to the colors used on any pages, or any other reason for that matter. I am very happy to make changes to improve the site for everyone.

A transparent, full body, uncolored image of Ahiru from Princess Tutu. She is turning and has a surprised expression.
If you are looking to contact me, then you can do so by commenting, or by leaving a message on my blog or guestbook.

I'm currently working on some buttons and lots more banners that can be used to link to many different parts of Windchime, but in the meantime if you wish to advertise Windchime elsewhere, feel free to use any of my banners.

Blue gingham advert banner which reads: Windchime, Mochizuki Hajime, もちづきはじめ website. It changes to then say: Windchime website on neocities.org, Mochizuki Hajime Pink gingham advert banner which reads: Windchime, a website by Mochizuki Hajime. It changes to then say: Windchime... Hosted on neocities.org, もちづきはじめ