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Lots of changes !!
Published 4/8/2023
Okay, I actually have a lot to cover here...

I had a week long break, and used the time to rebuild Windchime... again! The changes were mostly maintenance to make the site easier for me to manage and update, but there's some layout and design changes, too.

Windchime is now using an iframe for its sidebar links. It will also likely use iframes for other parts of the site in the future. This will make it easier to update the website as a whole! They look okay to me, but let me know if you think they look strange.

I have also tried to make the website more accessible to screenreaders, as someone suggested in my guestbook! I hope it works okay. Please do let me know if there are any more accessibility / visibility issues.

In other news, I have added the Old Layouts page. It will be used to archive the old looks of Windchime. It'll be updated whenever there is a major revision of the site. I'm working on other new pages too. Along with that, I will probably roll out some changes to existing pages that make them easier to edit in the future as well. I want the website to keep its uniform look, but some pages may be altered from it both for your viewing and my editing.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good about all these changes and the direction and future of Windchime...

New pages - F2U template & guide
Published 3/31/2023
Whoops, I'm totally absentminded. I didn't even realize that I removed an entire section on my links... Oh well, I added them back!

My templates page and coding guide is now up. The templates page is for free-to-use bases and codes. The coding guide walks you through how to make templates from the ground up.
Right now, I only have one template up, and the guide shows you how to make it if you prefer to do it that way. I tried to make them as helpful and simple as possible.

In the future, I plan to release this and a few other templates and guides as a part of "pack", but they exist on the website now so you can view and use them regardless.

But keep in mind, I'm by no means an expert on coding, I just want to help others and share the knowledge that I have.

Check them out! If you have any issues or questions, feel free to contact me, I'm happy to help.

Refurbished Layout & Update
Published 3/29/2023
Nothing major, but I refurbished the site layout ever so slightly. I built it back up from the ground and made a few adjustments. It should look pretty much the same, with some changes adjusted and moved here and there.
I moved site info that was previously at the bottom of the page, so I'm hoping it doesn't look too barren now?

As for general sitely updates, I have made some progress in the layout of these pages:

I've made the "landing" pages for these so far but the actual content is still under way. Shrines will probably take me a bit longer.

Also Windchime has a new affiliate with item64 now! Feel free to contact if you want to be affiliated. I added it to the info page.

New pages!
Published 3/23/2023

New pages are up: Website and webmaster info!

New layout & future plans
Published 3/23/2023
The new Windchime layout is now here. It looks a lot nicer, doesn't it? I like it more. I hope you do too. Hopefully it sticks for awhile!

A lot of my links are still broken, but I'm working on it. I actually have a quick guide on how my site pages will be navigated:

I like this, it reminds me more of the web from yesteryear. But hopefully, the pages won't be too confusing for others.

I'm working on these pages, currently:

Some pages will be easier to complete compared to others, the order I actually complete them in may be random.
New ideas
Published 3/19/2023
Organized Windchime's links a bit. Most of them don't work yet.

I've also been thinking of a different approach to Windchime's layout. I'm thinking of this update section being the majority of the content on the splash page.
But I have a lot to say about Windchime and myself. Maybe I will make an info page for both me and the website, seperate or together, I'm not sure.